2017 Weekly Science Presentations

Week 1 – June 28

Bob Hopper

Innovation & Invention at Chautauqua


Week 2 – July 5

Jack Sobel et al

Sleep Apnea: A Not So Silent Disorder


Week 3 – July 12

Scott Flaig

The Nature of Time


Week 4 – July 19 

Gena Bedrosian

Mind Preserving Substances


Week 5 – July 26 

Norman Weinberg

Healthy Aging and Macrobiotic Teachings


Week 6 – August 3* Thursday      

Ellis Cowling

Value Returns from Science


Week 7 – August 9      

David Waltner-Toews

Eating Beetles: Fears, Fantasies, and the Future of Food


Week 8 – August 16

Allison Hopper

From Cells to Selves: The Story

of our Common Ancestors


Week 9 – August 23   

Len Katz

Food for Health 2017

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