2018 Weekly Science Presentations

During the summer we sponsor a free weekly science presentations. Topics include Medicine, Cosmology, and more.

Time: Wednesdays 9:15 -10:15 am
Location: Hall of Christ
Main Auditorium

The talks will always end soon enough to get to the Amp’s 10:45 lecture.

Scroll down to see the weekly schedule for 2018.
Programs are offered free of charge.

Weekly Science Presentations at Chautauqua

Week 1 – Wednesday June 27
James Mohler

Prostate Cancer made Simple: Controversies about Diagnosis    and Treatment   

Week 2 – Wednesday July 4
Edward Paul

Process Development and Manufacture for an HIV/AIDS Drug

Week 3 – Wednesday July 11
Katie Henrikson

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Week 4 – Wednesday July 18
Doug Neckers

Getting a Patent: The Example of a 3D printer

Week 5 – Wednesday July 25
Jim Cunningham

Cancer Ecology

Week 6 – Wednesday August 1
Mahish Patel

UNICEF – Science and Saving Lives in Africa

Week 7 – Wednesday August 8
Chautauqua Science Group Business Meeting

Date, time and place to be announced

Week 8 – Wednesday August 15
Michel Cohen

Changes in U.S. Medical Care

Week 9 – Wednesday August 22
Jim Tiedje

Environmental Dimensions of Antibiotic Resistance